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""Errbody"" Lyrics
I’m Flyer Than Everybody
Helicopter In The Middle Of The Hood
I’m Flyer Than Everybody
All This Fame These Niggas Be Chasing
I Swear I Don’t Care About It
Boy You Play You Gone Die In Front Of Everybody
Leave Some Blood On The Street Buy Some Red Bottoms
Caught A L, But I Wish That They Head Shot Em Free My Nigga Long Yeah The Feds Got Em?
[Verse One]
I Used To Pray For A Plug Who Gone Go Out The Way And Come Back With A Lot Of Them Bitches
I Used Dream About Condos When We Leaving Lenox
Now I Stay On Top Of Them Bitches
I Won’t Give A Damn If He Ran him Up A Whole Billion,
I Still Won’t Acknowledge Them Niggas He Put My Name In A Song What The Fuck Is He On,
I Don’t Care boy We Gotta Go Get Em
House Big As Fuck In The Middle Of No Where
I dick Her Down I Don’t Care What My Hoe Wear
I Made Lil Cam Spend A Block On A 4 Wheel ?
Nah Forreal Spend the Block On The 4 Wheel
5 Million Dollars For Me That Ain't No Deal
I done Made That Time 6 In Like 3 Years
Off This Rap Shit, I Can’t even Talk About the Trap Shit
I Just Hope They Can Take It I Keep Me A Stallion Like Megan
A Residency Out In Vegas
May Fly To LA And Go Fuck With Lebron And The Lakers
Come Back To Atlanta With Jayda
Bruh Told Us To Take Care Of The Neighbors And Stack All The Paper
Whatever We Want Buy It Later
I Know How To Shit On A Hater And Handle The Business Whatever God Give Me I’m Grateful
I’m Flyer Than Everybody
Helicopter In The Middle Of The Hood
I’m Flyer Than Everybody
All This Fame These Niggas Be Chasing
I Swear I Don’t Care About It
Boy You Play You Gone Die In Front Of Everybody
Leave Some Blood On The Street Buy Some Red Bottoms
Caught A L, But I Wish That They Head Shot Em Free My Nigga Long Yeah The Feds Got Em?
[Verse Two]
Cartier Watches For Everyone Round Me
I Ran It Up How The Fuck Could you Down Me
She Set For Life How The Fuck Is you Clowning
Bought All This Water Ain’t Never Gone Drown I’m In The Yo I’m Perfecting My Sound
I Helped Them Out And They let me Down Again I Ain’t Coming Back Around Again
Fell In Love And I Found A Friend
I done geeked up the motor
My Brother In Prison In Polo
I Jumped In The Game And Went Loco
I Put On These Clothes Like A Hobo
Thats Layers Of Drip , I Showed My Ass In Phipps
You Play Ya Mans Get Killed, Said That Before But I’m Dead Forreal
Lil Bro Jumping Round Like His Legs Done Healed
I Ran It Up off a Vacuum Sealed
If I Fall Off Today I’ma legend Still?
Bruh Showed Me The Way I Ain’t Never Steal
This Glock Ain’t No Prop it a Pop Forreal
I Fuck With The syrup I Don’t Pop No Pills
MyYoung Niggas Turnt They Don’t Got No Deals
I Need Me A Billion So I Can Chill
I’m Driving Like I Ain’t Got No License Still
My Trackhawk move like it got nitrogenIm Popin Seals?
I’m Flyer Than Everybody
Helicopter In The Middle Of The Hood
I’m Flyer Than Everybody
All This Fame These Niggas Be Chasing
I Swear I Don’t Care About It
Boy You Play You Gone Die In Front Of Everybody
Leave Some Blood On The Street Buy Some Red Bottoms
Caught A L, But I Wish That They Head Shot Em Free My Nigga Long Yeah The Feds Got Em?
[Verse 3]
I Paid Attention And Found Out The Recipe
I Take A Seat And They Still Won’t Get Head Of Me
I’m On My Shit, Now A Bitch Can’t Get Next To Me
You Ain’t Got A Hundred Thousand You Can’t Have Sex With Me Ain’t Showed The Best Of Me Yet
And Ain’tIn Nobody Debt I’m Sum Like A Vet
I Bought My Big Brother A Vette
My Numbers So Good My Label Prolly Owe Me A Check
They Play With Lil Baby I Swear It Gone Go Down
Biggest Lil Nigga That’s Over At Motown
Jumped Off The Porch And Went Straight Kicked The Door Down Flipped The Clip, Switch The Clip, Its Some More Rounds Rappers Fake an Be Hating I Don’t Go Round
I Took Twelve On A Chase I Had 4 Ounces
Ask around we then guys come we do No Clowning
If I Can I’m Gone Try Keep The Smoke Down
Once Its Up Then
Its Stuck It, It Ain’t Go Down
Like To Switch Where I Sleep I Got 4 Houses
Everytime The Heat Come I Make 4 Thousand
Big Done Gave Me The Game And I Ran With It
Milked The Game Til I Quit I Ain’t Playing With It
Could’ve Been Hit Yo Bitch I Be Sparing Niggas
Make Me Mad I’m Gone Call Up Them Grave Diggers
Bought My A New Crib And Its Way Bigger
Never Been To It Once That’s A Great Feeling
Imma Go There When I Get A Chance
I Lost 500 Racks Before I Signed A Deal
Swear To God Still Got My Advance
Yeah I’m Lit I Been Saving This Gualla Up
Yeah I Hit But She Ain’t Get A Follow Up
Ain’t No Reason To Beef With No One About None Of These Women I Promise They swallow us all
I’m Flyer Than Everybody
Helicopter In The Middle Of The Hood
I’m Flyer Than Everybody
All This Fame These Niggas Be Chasing
I Swear I Don’t Care About It
Boy You Play You Gone Die In Front Of Every...

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  • Skyebunny777
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    I wish Errbody a Good 2021

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    You mean 2022

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    The real sand 999

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    oh thx man it was pretty good

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    this did not age well



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    2022 till whenever

  • Kevin Durant
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    Protect this dude not tryna see mfs saying "rip lil baby legends never die"

  • Jerri Leigh

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  • Jerri Leigh

    Jerri Leigh

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    @🏃🏿‍♂️itup💵💸 ayye I Like Your Username... #RunItUp

  • Jerri Leigh

    Jerri Leigh

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    Yes I Agree All Tha Way. #ProtectOurLegendzzz

  • Keaton


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    arent u a famous NBA player???

  • Hoodie_Jason


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    on ma dukes

  • BooTaylor
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    Hands down the greatest of this young generation. Keep doing ya thang fam.💯💯💯

  • matrix2030 morpheus

    matrix2030 morpheus

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    i slept on the youngin for a while..he snappin on this

  • FAMY
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    This song is truly underated

  • Hoodie_Jason


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    nun of baby underrated unless uu sayin this cus it ain go platinum

  • BowieProYT


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    @Cadan Cummings humble by lil baby has 30m views without a music video and it is literally a deep cut from a DELUXE album

  • BowieProYT


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    @Cadan Cummings you think 25 million views on a 10 month old single from one of the biggest rappers WITH a music video makes a song a smash hit? lol

  • Cadan Cummings

    Cadan Cummings

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    underrated and it has 25 million views?? k bud

  • Jambelly3
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    This song is basically the whole fast and furious franchise

  • Tytheguy
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    the goat!!!



    3 muaj më parë

    I wouldn't say all that but he definitely tha rookie of tha year 👍

  • Blazer Blazeup

    Blazer Blazeup

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    Song still sizzling 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✅✅

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    Still can't believe how slept on this is and how old it is already

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    They sleeping on the Video 💯

    ROBERT COOKSEYVit më parë

    Lil Baby the hardest out of all these new wave rappers this dude actually can rap

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  • helio raposo
    helio raposo2 muaj më parë

    Noone touchin lil baby for the next 10 years . He kills it every beat . 🔥 📛

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    ONE of the Best artist out right now💯🔥

  • Samantha
    SamanthaMuaj më parë

    I feel every word of this song wholeheartedly 😆 In my SOUL‼️🔥🔥

  • Terrell Davis
    Terrell Davis7 muaj më parë

    2:55 “bought my mom a new crib and it’s way bigger, never been to it once that’s a great feeling” is arguably the hardest line in the entire song

  • theplv
    theplvVit më parë

    Baby just push me to other levels. I always watch his videos and use it as a goal. I wanna help those around me who need it--All 2021-homie finna turn the FUCC up🙌🏽💙💎💸🚀🚀

  • Yalun
    Yalun28 ditë më parë

    love this video! remember when it first came out and still watch it! this is a crazyyyy movie!!!!!

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    @Jaylon that’s a lie, you think everything people say is facts?

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    Conectado nesse rap 🇧🇷☀️✔️♥️🎯

  • ChefKelFromATL
    ChefKelFromATLVit më parë

    The fact im from Atlanta and have spilled blood on them same streets he driving on makes it harder for me... seeing the helicopter in Oakland city gives me the chills... if you not born and raised in Atlanta you wouldn’t understand how this video hit lol.

  • OBM Easy
    OBM EasyVit më parë

    Whatever God Give me Im Grateful☝🏾💯

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    Max A

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    and u hear him laughing when he says it that’s why he the 🐐

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  • O’ms InDaBuilding
    O’ms InDaBuilding10 muaj më parë

    Most definitely one of the best music videos of all time

  • Ranol Lezutekong
    Ranol LezutekongVit më parë

    When Lil Baby said “My Turn” he meant it for the whole year. He rly been killin it 🐐

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    This guy is from the parallel universe for real, damn nigga never disappoint He's the ultimate prime....

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    Ros K. Wilburn

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    Baby Flow Is Legendary 🗣🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • Auoji
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    This dude Lil baby spawned in warzone, switched to being a greifer in gta, called his Chopper gunner after getting a 9 kill streak in Black ops and pulled a ace in R6 in 3 minutes 39 seconds..

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    Who’s here after seeing that the car scene was fake? 👀



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    Manuel Bermudez

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    I think Lil Baby needs more hype about his songs to be honest

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    Everybody better give Lil Baby his flowers while he’s here. He’s one of the most important young dudes doing this rap shit . Salute💯



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    @Joe Mommahow you gon say when he die he aint got no beef wit no rappers soooooo

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    Man I been gone from U.S. for 10 years now from out of New Orleans so I don't get to hear too much nowadays. I heard Dave Chappell mentioned your name so ALthe you to see who you are and 4 videos in I'm bouncing, all I can say is your flow is sick, lyrics can't done, the tracks and production is unmatched. I'm a fan now! Truly impressed.

  • XxFrostBoxXx
    XxFrostBoxXx4 muaj më parë

    This still hits hard in 2022

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  • Shlir Kestay

    Shlir Kestay

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  • Jordan the Ace Family Member👑
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    you know when it’s over when all the people and spirits around start to wail and the moaning stop

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    Mr. Blonde

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