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Lil Baby & Lil Durk "Still Hood" Lyrics:
[Intro: Lil Durk]
Wheezy outta here
Yeah, yeah
Yeah (Who I want), yeah (Who I want)
Yeah (Who I want), yeah (Who I want), yeah
[Chorus: Lil Durk]
She tryna fuck me when I'm fasting, she can't come around no more
Walked in the house, my pants unfastened, then she swallows, what a ho
But it's you who I want (But it's you who I want)
But it's you who I want (But it's you who I want)
I can't split rent with my lil' bitch, that's some shit you would do to a ho
I even told you hoes I hit, some shit I'm 'posed to kept on the low
But it's you who I want (But it's you who I want)
But it's you who I want (But it's you who I want)
[Verse 1: Lil Baby]
I'll make a scene for you
When you sleeping with me, then your dreams come true
Ain't no limitations to things we do
We just kickin', and now shе'll be lovin' me soon
I be straight to thе point, ain't no cut on a movie
Fuckin' her good all over the room
Make her nut, she'll lay there, she don't even move
I gotta go, but I'm coming back soon
Don't tell our business, you know that's the rules
It feel good to tell someone to Google you
I tell 'em, "Chill," 'cause I know what they'll do to you
I run Atlanta, get paid like I'm Julio
We made a way from the streets to the studio
Anyone feelin' me, that's who I do it for
You can't just pop out and say you the hero
You gotta put on a cape and save the day
Shawty my type, she ain't got no stomach
Look her dead in the face when I'm cummin'
Send a video, and tell me she want it
Just the other day, I gave her some money
Plead the fifth, I ain't making no comment
If it happened to them niggas, we done it
Too much shit to step for, I can't be runnin'
Boy, don't make me fly your bitch out the country
[Chorus: Lil Durk]
She tryna fuck me when I'm fasting, she can't come around no more
Walked in the house, my pants unfastened, then she swallows, what a ho
But it's you who I want (But it's you who I want)
But it's you who I want (But it's you who I want)
I can't split rent with my lil' bitch, that's some shit you would do to a ho
I even told you hoes I hit, some shit I'm 'posed to kept on the low
But it's you who I want (But it's you who I want)
But it's you who I want (But it's you who I want)
[Verse 2: Lil Baby]
Never lied to me when I asked you something
No matter what, you just be real with me
A lot of shit come with a nigga like me
I just hope that you learn how to deal with me
I only be out with a couple of niggas
Now shit bound to happen whenever we deep
I run with some hitters, they run from a camera
And they won't even take a picture with me
The teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I stood up and told her, "Big Meech"
My mama ain't have much, and I wasn't good at no sports, so you know, I had fell to the streets
And I ain't no Chef Boyardee, but I get me a lil' bit of food, I'ma make sure we eat
And that shit be crazy how we used to swap our spit with each other, we don't even speak
Come with me, we'll be gone for months
My lil' shorty, show her how to roll blunts
Hit Rodeo, let her get what she like
Drop a bag on her, she get excited
Tryna steal her heart, I'm on a heist
I only trust her, long as she in my sight
One thing she know, we in this shit for life
[Chorus: Lil Durk]
She tryna fuck me when I'm fasting, she can't come around no more
Walked in the house, my pants unfastened, then she swallows, what a ho
But it's you who I want (But it's you who I want)
But it's you who I want (But it's you who I want)
I can't split rent with my lil' bitch, that's some shit you would do to a ho
I even told you hoes I hit, some shit I'm 'posed to kept on the low
But it's you who I want (But it's you who I want)
But it's you who I want (But it's you who I want)

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