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“Low Down” Lyrics:
(Cook that shit up, Quay)
[Verse 1]
Go to lunch in the Jewish community (Yeah)
I wouldn't tell on the bros with immunity (Nah)
Playin' victim, that shit ain't gon' ruin me
I'm the only now that outdo me
I got hoes by the group tryna do me
My life like a movie, get head in the water
Don't gotta put in no work, I send orders
This shit done got serious, them millions come plural, I'm living by morals
We swipe 'em, ain't keepin', no Dora Explorer
I'm young and I'm turnt, I got bitches galore
My baby, my whip cost two-fifty, I'm splurgin'
Got five million cash just in case of emergency
My young niggas kill, get away, they be purgin'
It happened like this, I ain't do it on purpose
I'm working my move, nigga, which one of you workin'?
I turned on my crew, bought a coupe off of verses
I'm tired of these strippers, I'm going at nurses and doctors and dentists
You started, I finished, I told you we with it
My word is like gold to my city
I tell 'em to go, they gon' get it
I heard that you froze when they hit it
Putting these hoes in the business, you know that you tripping
I tell 'em no, they gon' listen
Knowin' these niggas be sweet and some bitches, I'm different
She tryna leave me, I'm low down
I hang with savages, don't bring your ho 'round
I'm going bougie, I'm switchin' my profile
All of my cars get delivered with no miles
They think they do and we don't, I don't know how
Run through the load, call the plug, I need more pounds
I put on drip every day from the floor up
I'm getting sick of this shit, pour some more up, yeah
[Verse 2]
Cullinan shot in, my driver named Solid
I keep him on point, make sure nobody follow us
I got a Glock with a shot that can stop a truck
I get the money eight ways like an octopus
No way in hell I'ma give all these choppers up
Team full of players, ain't nobody stopping us
He out of line, give a fuck, then we poppin' him
Been raisin' hell, back in school, I was popular, yeah
All of my hoes get facials, face me
Make her my bitch too much, she lazy
I was thinking prices too high, then I raised 'em
Shit in my bank account gettin' outrageous
Niggas smellin' like that, had to switch up my fragrance
And I'm sending out shots if the fouls get flagrant
Switch up my route to the house, had to change it
Still with the shit, I forget that I'm famous
She tryna leave me, I'm low down
I hang with savages, don't bring your ho 'round
I'm going bougie, I'm switchin' my profile
All of my cars get delivered with no miles
They think they do and we don't, I don't know how
Run through the load, call the plug, I need more pounds
I put on drip every day from the floor up
I'm getting sick of this shit, pour some more up, yeah
She tryna leave me, I'm low down
I hang with savages, don't bring your ho 'round
I'm going bougie, I'm switchin' my profile
All of my cars get delivered with no miles
They think they do and we don't, I don't know how
Run through the load, call the plug, I need more pounds
I put on drip every day from the floor up
I'm getting sick of this shit, pour some more up, yeah
I'm getting sick of this shit, pour some more up
I put on drip every day from the floor up
I'm getting sick of this shit, pour some more up
I put on drip every day
Music video by Lil Baby performing Low Down (Audio). © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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